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Changes at ArcTanGent

We’ve got some amazing improvements to tell you about for this year’s ATG so please keep reading for the skinny…

Every year we strive to make ArcTanGent the best possible festival we can.  So without further ado, take a look at these 7 changes we’ve got lined up to make your ATG even better.

1) We’ve moved the entrance & wristband tent. This means, no matter what time you arrive on Thursday, there will be zero queuing to get in with your tents & bags.  You’ll be able to park your car, walk straight into the campsite, set up your tents, then walk to the entrance unburdened & get straight into the action.

2) On Thursday there’s a full day of bands on The Yohkai & The PX3 stages…. starting at 2pm Thursday.  So don’t be late.

3) We’ve moved The Bixler stage into the Main Arena, just next to the Arc Stage. So this year there will be no running to get to 3 different arenas, as there’s just the 2 to choose from.  Exactly the same number of stages, (4) but a whole lot less walking/ running in between.  We think this will massively improve the atmosphere & getting around the site, but it will also give you more time to eat, drink and keep your energy levels up.

PuntersMap_mailer copy
4) We’ve got even more food traders coming… including dedicated veggie, vegan & gluten free options. (More details coming soon).

5) We’ve got more amazing alcohol options including our brand new bar The Rumbrella, serving a myriad of rum based cocktails including your new favourite El Ritual. Trust us, this is the shiz.

6) VIP ticket holders now get back stage parking & camping so there’s no more walking from the car park for you guys. Simply come to our backstage entrance, park up, grab a glass of bubbly from the VIP bar & your campsite is right there.

7) It’s not exactly a change, but in case you didn’t know, Godspeed get a full 2 hour set with full production/ visuals. Which quite frankly is going to blow you all away.

I think that’s about it for now, but rest assured – it’s going to be one hell of a weekend.

If you haven’t bagged a ticket yet, what are you waiting for? It’s looking like it’s gonna be a sell out year, so tell your friends to pull their fingers out. 2 months to go peeps…

Speakio soonio
Si, James & Goc ATG HQ


For Fans Of Guide – As suggested by the bands themselves….

It might not surprise you that we’re fairly keen on amazing bands here at ATG HQ… We know you are too, but just on the off chance you don’t know ALL the stunners on our line up, we’ve created our For Fans Of guide. *Disclaimer – this is written by each band themselves (not us). So if a band says they are For Fans Of… Bieber for example, it’s nothing to do with us. Though I would perhaps question why we booked them :)

The guide is in PDF format & it’s arranged alphabetically for all the bands on this year’s line up with 3 suggested bands you may already know. Capiche?

So dive in & use our guide to plan who you most want to see. CLICK HERE FOR PDF.

This way you can pick a band you don’t know, & figure out at a glance whether they’re gonna be up your street. There’s so much awesome on our line up & we reeeely reeeely don’t want you to miss a second of it.


Have you seen our latest video yet featuring the musical stylings from Dan & John from that so-called band Cleft? Do us a favour & Share this video on Facebook (Click here) before the end of the month & we’ll pick one lucky duck to win £100 in BEER vouchers at the festival.


If you’ve already got your ticket (or if you’re about to buy yours) why not camp it up in style with our boutique/ glamping packages? Have a look here for all the options.


June 28th, 2016

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