Pre register your tickets FOR FREE before Dec 31st. (Maximum 5 per person). More details below…

You can pre-register for free for up to 5 tickets which will give you get 2 weeks of pre-sales before they get released to the rest of the world. See above to register yours for FREE.

The fact is, we now have over 15,000 people on our mailing list & 20,000+ on Facebook with people coming from across the globe to be at ATG.  But we only have 5,000 tickets available.
So you do the math :)

To be in with a fighting chance of getting tickets to next year’s festival you need to pre-register your interest before Dec 31st. (MAXIMUM OF 5 TICKETS PER PERSON). It will take you less than 30 seconds & only a couple of clicks from our tickets page & the best thing it’s completely FREE.